And Now a Word for Our Sponsors

February 20, 2008 at 6:11 pm Leave a comment

Recently, Vendormate has been interviewing and hiring new staffers.  In fact, we’ve increased our team by 29% in the past quarter alone.  But that’s not what this post is about.   This post is about the conversation we have with every candidate when they ask us to elaborate on “Who is your customer?”      

When you take a step back, providing vendor compliance solutions in the manner in which we provide it is a confusing business model to the outside observer.   Hospitals and other enterprises engage Vendormate to provide, manage, and store vendor information and compliance documentation.   Yet, the “hiring” agent, or hospital, pays a fraction of the associated credentialing fees.   The majority of the cost is paid by the registering vendor — someone who had little to no say in the decision.   Ouch.  

Vendor needs can’t be ignored in this process.  Without robust vendor participation, the hospitals can’t achieve their goals.  If the hospital goals aren’t met, the project fails.  So Vendormate spends a great deal of time and effort engaging vendors — communicating the importance of registration and compliance.   

The vendor engagement process starts with communication.   Helping the affected vendors understand the unfunded mandates that are driving hospitals to this.  Clearly explaining the process.  Providing live customer support to answer questions.  

From there, we are constantly revisiting the experience from the vendor perspective.   And this week, we’ve released two significant enhancements with vendors specifically in mind. 

First, one of the drivers for all this documentation is ensuring quality patient care.   The CDC, AORN, and others have recommended essential training and certification for anyone visiting sensitive patient care areas.   To help vendors meet these requirements, Vendormate launched today a new relationship with Medcom Trainex for reduced prices on 6 commonly required training classes available online.   Vendor representatives working with a Vendormate healthcare client can simply log into their client account, explore the offerings, and launch the training. 

Second, disclosure and privacy are double-edged.   Just because a rep has registered and shared credentials with one hospital doesn’t mean that all hospitals should be able to see that information.  Reps should be able to control how they present themselves and their benefits to their clients.   Vendormate has enhanced a rep’s ability to streamline data disclosure, without sacrificing control.   Once a rep has registered and entered their personal information for one hospital, the rep can decide whether or not to release that same information to the next hospital they register with.  Then when something changes, say product portfolio or contact information, reps can go into their Vendormate virtual briefcase, update the information, and choose to share it with their affected Vendormate clients. 

So to the vendors out there responding to these registration and data requests, we want you to know that we think of you as our customer as well, and we’ll continually strive to enhance your experience.  

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