4 Password Tips for Data Security

June 20, 2011 at 2:07 pm Leave a comment

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with computer security lately, password compromises have become rampant in the past few months. From Sony to UPS to PBS to Congressmen, security breaches have been in the news. And while some of these are the work of sophisticated hacking efforts, others are simply the results of sloppy daily security practices.

Data security is top of mind because a recent release to Vendormate VISION added the capability to remember a username. Many users had requested this convenience to speed up logging in. I’m sure the next request from some users will be to automatically populate the password. But for your security, that’s not in the development queue. That just makes it too easy for unauthorized users to access your data.

Vendormate’s unique infrastructure is designed to help mitigate password misuse. But simple actions on your part can go a long way to keeping your data confidential.

  1. Don’t use the same password for work accounts that you use for home accounts. Many companies have security breaches due to an employee’s password being stolen from their personal account then being used to access business resources.
  2. Don’t leave your passwords laying out for someone to find. If you have to write down your password, don’t leave it sitting around. Make sure it’s someplace secure, preferably locked up.
  3. Don’t send passwords by fax, email, or chatno matter how unimportant you think the password is. Sending your password via email, fax, or chat trusts the password with not only the person you may think is on the other end but everyone between the two of you and anyone else who may be watching. You should never be asked to provide your password, especially by the people handling your password.
  4. Change your passwords every few months. If they become compromised, change them immediately! If you’ve had the same password for several years, chances are someone else has it. (Because after all, you probably haven’t been following rules #1, #2, and #3.)

NOTE:  This post was guest written by John Allman, Vendormate Systems Administrator.

Entry filed under: best practices, security.

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